Thursday, March 10, 2011

One last pass before correcting the optics...

Ran another 12 sub-exposure stack on the Horsehead.  Unfortunately this will be my last pass this season since I won't have my field flattener and reducer before it's too low in the sky.  It still isn't as deep as the F/2.0 Hyperstar version I made a few months back, but for an 80mm F/7.5 OTA with uncorrected optics, with a lower QE CCD camera, I can't complain with the results I suppose.  The coma is still apparent.  I also figured out I'm still a little bit off on the camera calibration and settings so working to correct that particular oversight for my next imaging run at new moon.  For now this is it.  (click image to expand)

Here's my hyperstar shot to comare against:

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