Friday, April 8, 2011

Lunar Imaging Manually with "Push-to" Dobsonian

Got home this evening to see clear skies and the moon declining in the west.  I set the XT6i outside and let it cool for 5 minutes while I grabbed a laptop and my QHY-5.  I manually tracked on the moon @ 1200mm FL and shot 6 seperate mosaic panels.  Total time was 10 minutes from setup, to tear down, and 5 minutes to process the AVIs and manually stitch the mosaic, and post process.  I'd say that's absolutely the fastest imaging session I've ever had by far.  I'll add that this is the first manual Dob I've had experience with, and only 2nd light with it.

High Res versions available here - Josh's Astrophotogallery - Moon Mosaic w/Dob

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