Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lunar Images with the QHY-5 May 12, 2011

Shot May 12, 2011 about an hour after sunset in 40mph winds using my QHY-5 through the Vixen ED80SF @ F/7.5.  Camera set to a gain of 0% set at 5ms, 1000 frames per panel, best 150 stacked in AVIStack2.  Levels and mild deconvolution in Photoshop.  The first one was shot at 1280x1024, the second one was shot at 640x480 in 4 tiles and mosaic stitched manually in PS.  I wanted to see what sort of difference there would be.  The last one is a single 640x480 panel.  Personally, I don't usually like shooting during gibbous or full phases due to low contrast.  I yield better results during crescent phase.

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