Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lagoon and Trifid - Modified T1i

My 2nd attempt at prime imaging with my newly acquired Canon T1i. 

16 x 120 sec, no darks, no flats, no bias
Canon T1i @ ISO 200
W.O. 0.8x Focal Reducer/Flattener
Vixen ED80SF APO
CGEM stock mount
QHY-5 + 50mm Autoguider

Captured in average seeing conditions, and 70 degree temps.  I walked away not realizing I had a slight cable snag creating drag on the mount.  Stars are slightly out of shape as a result..  Bummer..

This camera is exceeding my expectations as I was bracing myself for dealing with high levels of noise with an uncooled camera in warm temps.  It's actually quite mild and can easily be processed out in stacking, evident in the fact I used no darks, and a very small stack of lights.  It's more sensitive than anticipated since I pulled a fair amount of detail with such short exposures.  Not my best Lagoon, but now that I'm a bit more familiar with the nuances of this camera, I will be making a more agressive pass on a target tomorrow night and through the weekend.

Here's a link to the image in my ASTROPHOTOGALLERY

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