Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Start of Milky Way Mosaic - Sagittarius Cloud

The night after the Solar Eclipse at Chaco Canyon, I decided to stay up and work on my summer Milky Way project.  I shot 6 panels that night.  Decided to process a few seperately to see how it would turn out.  Here's the result. 

Captured with Modified T1i @ ISO 800
50mm EF lense @ F/4.5
8 x 240 sec, no calibration files
Tracked on Vixen Polarie
Stacked in DSS
Post processed in Photoshop 7
I hope to have the full project completed soon.  Stay tuned for more.
(Image also posted here - http://www.astrophotogallery.org/dso/p9602-summer-milky-waysagittarius.html)

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