Monday, June 6, 2011

Arizona Fires

Today is day 5 that New Mexico has been under siege from the Arizona Wildfire.  I just returned home from a day trip to San Diego and found it worse than ever.  It was raining ash the size of giant snow flakes.  Visibility on the west side of Albuquerque is down to maybe 800-1000 ft.  Normally I can view 11,000+ ft Mt. Taylor about 60 miles away with little problem.  I got to my house about 55 miles from the airport and the sun was barely visible as a red glowing orb.  It was perfect density to look at surface features naked eye.  By the time I got in my house and rushed to get the dob out to take high res pics unfiltered, the smoke had thickened too much.  I did snap a few fast ones with the digicam just to give you some perspective of how bad it really is.  I'll note that on my flight in, once we crossed the boarder into NM, the sky was fire orange/red the whole way in to the airport.

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