Thursday, September 29, 2011

M45 - 9 hours exposure

Data captured almost exactly 1 year ago to the day.  It consists of 3 nights of images, 3 hours each night.  First stack is 3 minute subs, second stack is 5 minute subs, and the last stack is 8 minute subs.  Working a collaborative effort with Sal last year, the 8 minute stack was already processed.  I combined the other two stacks, processed, then layered the new image and the 8 minute data together, making some color balance adjustments manually.  PGC 13696 is just to the right of Electra, at Mag 17.3 which estimates place at 1.4 billion light years distant.  Lots of faint dust around the cluster with so much integration time.  It's not bad flats, that is indeed nebulosity throughout the image.

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