Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dry Spell? Reprocess old data!

Still working on fully assembling my new imaging rig and of course, the moon is back.  So, I decided to go back and reprocess my 1st light image from my Hyperstar almost 1 year ago.  This was M20 and M8 shot in Alt-Az mode as I didn't have a wedge at this point.  This image was completely unguided.  25 subs x 25 sec.  I didn't take flats or bias as I had zero experience with them at that point in the game since I had always owned small chip CCDs prior and there was no need for them.  Below is the reprocessed version versus the original pass.  You can see I was able to "flatten" it out and remove the vignetting with a few software tricks. 

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Jim Cauthen said...

I'm hoping down the road I'll be able to re-tackle some of my first work... at this point though, my first work was just weeks ago. ;)

It's great to see the processing differences that time and experience provide! Looking forward to doing something similar to use my gained knowledge as well. Till then, I'll keep drooling over others work and aiming to match them!

Thanks for sharing! :)