Thursday, March 15, 2012

Orion Widefield Reprocessed by Sal

My good friend Sal Grasso worked his magic on this same Orion data that I took a few days ago.  MUCH more detail.  Thanks again, Sal!

Orion Constellation

Acquisition - Canon T1i full spectrum modified, Astronomik clip-in CLS filter

Mount//Tracking - Vixen Polarie on tripod, rough alignment.

Exposure - 30 subexposures x 120 seconds, 50mm fl @ F/3.5 ISO 800
Pre-processing - No darks, No flats, No bias applied. Stacked  and resampled in Deep Sky Stacker.

Post-processing by Sal Grasso
This was a first light test of the Vixen Polarie. Serious attempts to follow.
Image shows Orion, Running Man, Witch Head, Running Man, Horsehead, Flame Nebulas, Barnard's Loop

Select to see the full resolution shot. It's amazingly clean for only 30 short subs with no calibration files. I also took several panels of the surrounding area to start on a larger mosaic. I'll post up the result when complete.

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Polaris B said...

Nicely done! The original was gone by the time I saw this. This really is a nice result considering, but it is also just a nice result! Also cool to see the results of the Polarie. Keep'em coming.