Thursday, March 22, 2012

Orion and Monoceros mosaic

Sal, Robert, and I got together on a mosaic project, expanding on the Orion shot.  This is a 7 panel mosaic, 30x120sec per tile, with no calibration subs.  Stacked and sampled in DSS.  Mosaic tile translation in Registar by Robert.  Post processing in Photoshop by Sal.

This was a huge undertaking as it chewed up processors and RAM like you wouldn't believe.  Orginal tiles combined would be about 105Megapixles assuming no overlap.  I sampled it down 50% in stacking.  We had to compress and shrink it again just to be able to put it online.

The weather looks good tonight through next week.  I hope to add a few more panels before this area is too low to shoot.

Great work Sal and Robert, and thanks!  Looking forward to working with you guys again on another collaboration.

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