Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Public Outreach in Rio Rancho

Today I was invited to do another outreach event at my daughter's school.  The focus this time was the Sun due to the upcoming Solar Eclipse this weekend.  After giving a presentation on the Sun, and going through some pictures, Aurora and I gave a safety talk and demonstration.  After that we headed outside.  I procured a case of solar viewers to hand out to the kids.  We also set up a couple of solar scopes.  We spent the time counting sunspots and watching how they change.  I showed them a picture from SOHO taken a few hours earlier, and told them they can expect some changes.  They were shocked at the differences. 

Decided to set one on "New Mexico" since that's where we'll be viewing the Eclipse from.  =  )

Aurora, helping me set up a few pieces of gear and a slideshow for her class.

Other classes and groups kept wandering by and some decided to investigate. Before I knew it, we had a decent sized crowd. We had a lot of fun this morning. All and all, a fairly good session. Lots of questions from both students and teachers. They've been given homework on things to note this weekend with the Eclipse and now have their viewers to look at it directly. 

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Unknown said...

Hello josh my name is Caleb Cobos and I was a Eldorado student who attended your presentation at the Coronado state monument the other night. I would like to get in touch and talk to you about some of the things you do please email me at