Monday, April 11, 2011

An Evening of Lunar Imaging and Observing

Just finished setting up for an evening of Lunar imaging and observing.  QHY-5 primed in the ED80SF APO, and the XT6i is cooling down.  I plan to attempt an LRGB composite of the moon tonight with my QHY-5 - something I've never done before with lunar shots.  I took a snap of the gear, poised and ready to go, and snapped a quick digicam shot of the moon by hand through the XT6i just at sunset, blue filter installed.


Jim Cauthen said...

Never shot the moon before, decided to take the CPC925 and Canon xTi out and play tonight.

Do you stack your images of the moon? the xTi can't take AVI's, so I can't toss that into Registax like people have done with, say... saturn.. But does the moon require stacking?

I'll prolly give it a shot and see if DSS doens't puke on me. ;)

Daemon GPF said...

It's best to stack since the exposures are so short for lunar shots. You're basically going to catch a lot of atmospheric distortion and only a handful of sharp frames. Let Registax or AVIStack sort it out to give you the quality frames.