Saturday, September 15, 2012

Built a Polarie Travel Case

I finally had enough of carrying my Polarie gear in multiple soft bags, with everything being tossed in randomly.  It seemed to me that it carried a certain amount of risk of something impacting the bag and damaging the equipment inside, especially on road trips when it's thrown in the back of the vehicle with other luggage.  I had a pair of spare aluminum tool cases and decided to modify one.  Here's pictures of the results.  It now holds the following safely -
  • DSLR body
  • Spare Lense
  • 3 USB cables (polarie, laptop, camera)
  • AC adapter (DSLR)
  • XPS Laptop
  • Laptop power supply
  • Power strip
  • Power inverter
  • Flashlight and filters
  • DSLR Battery charger
  • Polarie
  • Polar Scope
  • Extra camera ball head
  • DC port replicator
  • Spare batteries
  • 8x8 tarp
Only thing I haven't sorted out is where to put the tripod, but that's easy enough to throw in a tube with a strap and carry it on my back.  Nothing shifts around, and the inserts are fully foam padded, as are all walls of the case.  Laptop and some of the extras fit in the top half of the case (removable padded panel.

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