Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Update on the QHY-9

Been a while since I've updated the blog so I thought I'd post an update on the QHY-9.  After getting some input, and doing a more thorough examination the sensor itself is in tip top shape.  Seems the inner glass fogged and left a condensation stain on the bottom edge of the glass.  It just needs cleaned.  To do that, the chamber will have to be purged and the dessicant changed out to prevent future issues. 

As I posted before, it does indeed look like proper calibration frames subtract the artifact right out of the image.  I guess technically nothing has to be done about the glass stain.  Cleaning it off is probably a good idea though.

With all of my work travel lately and other household obligations, I have been giving up night after night of clear skies for sleep.  It's a sign that maybe now is a good time to switch gears.  I had what I feel was a really good DSO imaging run over the last year.  I cannot sustain those late nights at the moment to properly image DSOs any more.  Not after I got a taste of what putting several nights of camera time into a single image can actually do.  So, I'm putting the camera up for sale.  I'm also going to sell the Vixen OTA and accessories.  I bought it purely for imaging, and specifically to match up to the QHY-9. 

I haven't fully boiled down what I want to do next but I have a really good idea.  There are lots of AP imaging specialties that don't require sleepless nights.  Planetary, Solar, Widefield, etc etc...  None of these require heavy rigs, nor intense setup time, and in many cases, the gear is small enough to throw on an airplane with me.    More to come on this one.

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